Attic Fungal Removal and Dehumidification

Home Shield Insulation is the company that homeowners turn to when they are in need of attic dehumidification. Home Shield Specialists have inspected thousands of homes, and truly understand how to solve attic fungal growth and moisture concerns that homeowners may face.

Condensation accumulating in your attic can cause many health concerns as well as damage to your home. Moisture levels can rise due to leaks from pipes and roofs, unsealed air units, improperly ventilated and insulated attics, and many other reasons. Adding a dehumidifier to your sealed attic can greatly reduce your home’s vulnerability to mold and increase your indoor air quality, while also saving you money on costly repairs from rust and rot.

Attic Fungal Removal and Dehumidification

How does Moisture Get into My Attic?

There are 2 main ways that condensation develops in your attic:

1. In the winter, the air in your home is hotter than the cold air outside. When the hot, moist air in your home escapes into your attic through penetrations in the ceiling plane. When hot, moist air mixes with cold air in the attic, condensation forms on your HVAC ducts, insulation, and attic ceiling.

2. In the summer, the air in your home is cooler than the hot air in your attic. When the cool 70 degree air from your home mixes with the 140 degree humid air in your attic, condensation develops on the air ducts, insulation, and attic ceiling

Accumulated condensation causes elevated moisture, in turn creating the possibility of mold, damaged, compacting insulation, and wood rot. These issues cause concerns with indoor air quality, costly structural repairs, and a less energy efficient home.

How does Moisture Get into My Attic?

There are 2 main ways that condensation develops in your attic:

The first step is to remediate the current fungal growth in the attic space. We apply a fungicide directly to the area of growth, and then scrub away all of the fungal biofilm. To prevent fungal growth from coming back, we then focus on reducing the relative humidity in the crawlspace, along with condensation. The first step to reduce condensation in the attic space is preventing conditioned air inside the home mixing with unconditioned air in the attic. Home Shield will achieve this by offering a solution that starts with a thorough air sealing of the attic, either through a typical insulation removal, air sealing, and R-49 insulation replacement, or a full attic encapsulation that turns the attic into a conditioned space. Read here(link to attic encapsulation) to learn about attic encapsulation. With a Home Shield Attic Encapsulation system, a dehumidifier is placed in the attic to maintain safe moisture levels, prevent mold, condensation, and wood rot. Home Shield Insulation is proud to utilize the Aprilaire line of dehumidifier to keep the attic dry and safe. Aprilaire dehumidifiers all come with 5 year bumper to bumper warranties, and have an extended life compared to other dehumidifier brands.

Your Attic Specialists are Just a Call Away!

There are 2 main ways that condensation develops in your attic:

When it comes to concerns with home energy efficiency, insulation, and attic concerns, Home Shield Insulation are the experts! Have us come out to perform a FREE, in depth energy audit and show you how we can substantially improve the comfort, energy efficiency, and indoor air quality of your home. We will always have a quote in your inbox before we leave the driveway, and are always a call away if you need anything. Call us today to schedule a FREE energy audit!

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