Home Energy Audit

Home Energy Audit

Homeowners that are curious about how to make their home energy efficient, less drafty, and more comfortable should get an energy audit done. Home Shield Insulation has a team of Home Specialists that can properly assess different aspects of the house and find ways to improve the overall efficiency and comfortability of a home.

How is an Energy Audit Performed?

Our Home Specialists will check insulation levels, air leakage, age of appliances, lighting, windows, and the attic to make an overall assessment on the home.

We are alway happy to perform a Blower Door Test to see how well a home is air sealed. Energy efficiency and comfort in a home are less dependent on total insulation levels when the home is able to keep conditioned air from escaping, while preventing outside unconditioned air from intruding into the home. A blower door test easily allows us to find all the air leakage points in the home, which helps us to craft the proper solution for each different home owner.

How will Home Shield Insulation protect your attic and home?

With a Blower Door test, we open the front door, cover the front door opening with an airtight fabric that has a powerful fan installed in it. The fan is faced towards the exit of the door, meaning that when the fan turns on, it will be blowing air outside of the home. This causes the house to become depressurized(typically -50 pascals), in turn causing air to intrude through any air leakage points at a fast rate. This makes it easy for us to feel drafts coming in, and to identify specific points of air leakage. Common places of are leakage are


  • Windows
  • “Can” and recess lights in the ceiling
  • Switches and outlets
  • Plumbing underneath sinks
  • Doors
  • Chimneys
  • Attic hatch entrance
  • Stairways
  • HVAC duct boots

We love to start the inspection in the attic to see how effective the insulation is, and if the attic floor is properly air sealed. The attic is almost always under insulated and leaks air, so we want to check the attic off first before we start assessing areas within the house. Bad insulation and Air Leakage through the attic can account for nearly 31% of energy loss in a home. Just by improving the attic space, we can typically save homeowners 25-33% on their energy bill!
After the attic has been inspected, we will inspect the living space. We start by looking for drafts around the windows. Windows can be a major source of air leakage, especially for older homes. The caulking around a window frame will deteriorate over time and create openings for outside air to enter the home through. We will check around the window frames for gaps, and can re-caulk the window frames if need be.
Doors are another point of focus for us. It is not uncommon for doors to have deteriorated weather stripping, or big gaps around the edges for air to pass through. We will typically replace the weather striping around the edge of the door, or completely replace the door if need be.
Next we will check all vents, fans,switches, and outlets in the home. Most people are surprised to hear that these points can account for around 6-8% energy loss in a home if not properly air sealed.
Plumbing penetrations can account for up to 13% of air leakage. Most of these points can be found under sinks, in the attic, and around flues from gas powered appliances.

Our Home Specialists are there for you!

We get what we want by helping homeowners get what they want! We are truly a service oriented company. We do not force homeowners through 2-hour sales presentations, or to have both spouses present. Our consultations are direct and professional. Helping people invest in their home is simple. We carry out our ENERGY AUDITs with your goals in mind. Here is the format of our ENERGY AUDIT consultations


What are you looking for? What are your goals? What benefits do you wish to achieve? Our Home Specialists will start every consultation by asking you about what you care most about.

We will prepare the report, pictures, and initial quote. You will not have to wait days before you hear about our findings and receive an estimate. We guarantee a full report and estimate in your inbox before we pull out of your driveway!

Finalize Report

Report Overview and Questions

We will walk you through the objective findings of our testing. Ask us as many questions that you can think of. We are here to help educate! We may find things you were not aware of before, and we are expecting you to ask lots of questions. There are no stupid questions! The more you know, the better of a decision you can make for you and your family!

After the report overview, we will recap the exact benefits and goals you are looking to achieve, tailor a custom solution for your home, and work out scheduling for our next available date!

Home Shield Custom Solution

With these 3 main considerations, we are able to offer completely custom solutions per the homeowner. We want to hear what your goals are for your home so we can figure out how to help you achieve those goals!


Benefits that the homeowner is seeking


Concerns that the homeowner wants resolved


Concerns or problems that the homeowner is not currently aware of

Home Shield Custom Solutions

After performing the blower door test, our Home Specialists will have a detailed report on the air change rate of the home, and where the majority of the air leakage is occurring. Our solutions will be based on the locations of the air leaks, and points of the home that are under insulated. If your windows are the main point of air leakage, then we will recommend a solution that starts with the windows. If we found that air was rushing into the house from ceiling penetrations, we will recommend starting by air sealing and insulating the attic. We do not offer one size fits all solutions. Our solutions are built with 3 main considerations

Home Shield Money Protection Guarantee

For certain solutions, we guarantee that you will make all of your money within 10 years, or we will pay the difference! We are so confident in our solutions that we will put some of the best warranties and guarantees on our services. Our guarantee comes with:

Attic Encapsulation

Air Sealing and R-49 Cellulose Insulation

Attic Air Sealing

Side Attic Encap and Seal

Whole Home Air Sealing Service

Duct Encapsulation

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What Our Clients Say

From start to finish, we ensure that we provide services up to your standards so that we can leave you with a satisfied smile.

We absolutely recommend using these guys. We called thermal shield and scheduled an energy audit with them. We found out that our attic floor had not been properly air sealed when the home was built. Thermal shields crew air sealed our attic and added cellulose insulation to fix the problem. The house feels great! Couldn’t have asked for a better experience.

Daniela Villegas

Joseph and Thermal Shield were professional, on time and provided their services at an excellent value. I would highly recommend them for attic insulation services

Brian Gleason

Absolutely the best service that I’ve had in a long time. I had problems with my attic cellulose insulation and they were very responsive to my needs with my home in Gastonia. contacted several companies but none could compare with their service and pricing. I wish more companies were as professional and satisfying as this one. Don’t hesitate to call them.

Renee Smith

Fantastic company! Joseph is extremely knowledgeable and walked me through exactly what I needed to do. I definitely recommend Home Shield Insulation to anyone needing to insulate their attic!

Matthew Broussard

Ready to improve your home’s comfort and energy efficiency in Charlotte, NC? Contact Home Shield Insulation today for a free consultation! Our friendly team is here to answer any questions you may have and provide you with reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs in the Queen City.